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Happening Now

Life Coach hits the festivals

A pilot, created by Dylan and his friends, has just been accepted into its first film festival.  Life Coach will makes its premiere at the ITVFest – Independent Television Festival in October.  The pilot centers around a young woman trying to overcome financial struggles and the thin line of what adulthood really means.  Dylan plays the role of her Life Coach, the man who tries to set her on the right course.  Although, his methods aren’t always the most traditional.


Karmic Has Arrived

Dylan will appear in several episodes of the successful web series, Karmic.  The series is centred around three women and learning to live in the present…with roommates.  He will be plays the role of Fox, a drop out from the Navy who has no filter and is always just a couple seconds behind everybody else. Click here to see the lates episode.  To see the entire first season and season two of Karmic, click here.


AFI Thesis Film

After a successful week of shooting, Dylan has wrapped an AFI Thesis film title, Good People.  Directed and written by Greggory Kohn, Good People is the story of Emma, a 38 year-old teacher, who finds herself doing the unthinkable: having an affair in a cheap motel. As she returns home to her loving husband   and wonderful children, her new secret begins to weigh on her. She decides that she must rekindle the passion in her marriage, but as she attempts to do just that, a more difficult and deeper secret threatens to emerge.  Dylan played the part of Owen, Emma’s husband.  To stay updated on the progress of the film, click here.  You can also follow on twitter: @GoodPeopleTheFilm.


LA 143 in Production

Dylan will be joining an ambitiously fierce creative teams as they embark on season one of LA 143.  The series focuses on three LA girls navigating through life, love, and hook-ups.  Dylan will be playing the role of Jason, a loveable doofus who just wants to be friends with everybody.  To stay updated on the progress of production, click here to “like” the official Facebook page.



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